We are currently offering a variety of data services to small and medium sized organisations to enable them to compete with larger organisations on a level playing field. We specialise in applying data and creating applications that focus on redefining, improving and eventually solving real world problems through leveraging data. Our offering includes; include Data Analytics, Data Integration, Data Quality Management and Data Science.

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Data Analytics

With a focus on SMES, we use BI, ML and AI technologies to help process your data. We do this so we can tap into descriptive and predictive analytics to help organisations make better data driven decisions.

Data Integration

We take your data form multiple sources and create a single cohesive data store. We will set up data cleansing, ETL and data transforming processes. The result is one stop access to all your essential data. You will be able to build on this and help your business create its own BI environment.

Data Quality Management

We help SMES look at what data is available to them, and then we work out ways the best ways to leverage this We will check whether your data is complete, valid, accurate. We then help companies review the data management process for transparency and accountability.

Data Science

We can help you leverage your data through utilising big data. Through using machine learning and artificial intelligence we can provide actionable insights and data-based decision making.

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